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Welcome to my Home Page

This is my home page. You will find here articles about software development, Java applets for gaming and simulation, etc...

Enjoy !


2014-06-17 : A tour of YAML Parsers in Go

This article lists YAML parsers for Go programming language. For each one, it provides a short description, an evaluation and an example source code.


2003-07-14 : SAT Release 0.9

This release removes the server task that is superceded by the Ant Console.

2003-07-13 : Ant Console in CodeGuide

This article demonstrates how to run Ant builds faster in CodeGuide using the Ant Console.

2003-07-13 : SAT Release 0.8

This release implements an Ant console that boosts performance (up to 5 times) by running Ant in a console that lets you type commands to run builds.

2003-06-29 : CodeGuide Tips Article

I demonstrate how you can integrate JUnit, Beanshell and Ant in this efficient IDE.

2003-01-13 : New FiJI version

This version fixes a configuration parsing bug and a bug in the installer. Many thanks to Daphné Costantini for this bug report.

2002-11-16 : FiJI update

After two years, here is the new version of my Java installer. In this new version, you will find:

  • Ant task to generate FiJI installers from within a build file.
  • New package name for classes (net.cafebabe.fiji).

2002-11-11 : New SAT version 0.7

After almost one year of development, here is the new version of my Ant tasks. This new release includes:

  • A new Emacs Ant mode.
  • Un new server task to boost builds.
  • A new nest task to manipulate XML documents.
  • A new XML Word Count task (I guess you already know what it does :o).


2003-09-03 : Beanshell 2.0

Beanshell is a Java interpreter, very handy to test pieces of code and write scripts able to make use of the huge API of this language. This latest version (still in beta) is now able to interpret all Java source files, even those defining classes (which was not possible using previous versions). A good news!

2003-07-19 : Matrix Screen Saver for MacOSX

I have found a nice Matrix sreen saver for MacOSX (not on the Warner's web site that offers an old one for OS 9).

2003-07-10 : WWDC 2003 Keynote

Very interesting video (more than two hours of happiness) of the WWDC 2003 keynote.

2003-07-10 : Article about AntServer task

This article describes how to use the AntServer task and provides a very handful shell script to do so. Many thanks to Bob and Andrew.

2003-05-14 : Article about JUnit

This article, published in Oracle Magazine, is a brief introduction de Junit, the well known test framework. We discover this tool, from simple test files to more advance features, such as test suites and integration with Ant.

2003-01-16 : Second part of my article about Ant

This second part, published in the January/February issue of Oracle Magazine, deals about advanced features of Ant (such as packaging applications, perform unit tests and other tasks that you may automate in build files).

2002-11-01 : Article about Ant

Oracle Magazine publishes in its November issue an article I wrote about Ant. This article is an introduction to Ant with real world build files. The next article (in January issue) will deal about advance Ant features (such as Unit Testing and JSP compilation).

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