Michel Casabianca

Here is a Python dedicated version of my resume. A complete version is available here.

I started using Python in 1998 and have been using it as my preferred scripting language since then. I have also been using it with Django web framework for web development.

Lead Python Developer at Mieuxplacer.com (since 2018-03)

I am lead Python developer at mieuxplacer.com since March 2018. I am developing and maintaining a Python/Django backend (a REST API using Django Rest framework).

I have implemented good software development practices, such as test coverage measurement (with codecov.io), automated integration tests, automatic warnings detection on Git commits (with pylint).

Expert Engineer at OAB (2008-04 to 2015-10)

OAB is a subsidiary company of Orange, the French historic telecommunications company.

After a bad experience with Talend, I have been using Python to implement computation batches, which were essentially big SQL queries. At this occasion I have developed a Python computation batch framework.

I have used this Python experience in a banking video chat application called VisioCC. We have been using Django to implement the administration backend and REST webservices called by the Flash video chat.

I have also used Python and Django to develop a configuration backend for Orange banking applications in Telefact team.

I have then reused my Python batch framework in MonSVI team to implement statistics batches.

I finally joined the Cloud team and used Python to develop tools to automate management of virtual machines running in VM-Ware.

While working for OAB, I have developed following tools released under Open Source license:

Java and XML Expert at In-Fusio (2000-07 to 2007-04)

In-Fusio was a mobile gaming company that developed its own Java Virtual Machine to download and run games on mobile phones.

I have started to use Python at In-Fusio to develop a server to deliver binaries downloaded by mobile phones. I have also used it to implement a continuous integration tool (in 2004).

At these occasions, I realized that Python was much faster than Java regarding development, and that its runtime performance were sometimes better that Java.

Personal activities (since 1998)

I have given Python related talks:

Furthermore, I have many Python projects on my Github account: